9th Grade - Travel Basketball

"Champions play as they practice.  Create a consistency of excellence in all your habits" - Mike Krzyewski

Wake Warriors Basketball


My name is Kevin M. Cass and I am the founder of Wake Warriors Basketball.  I have coached in local recreational basketball leagues for the past 7 years.  In the spring of 2016, myself and three other coaches formed an 8th grade AAU basketball team called the Wake Warriors.  It was a great success!  We are continuing the success of the Wake Warriors into the 2017 season.


Head Coach: Kevin M. Cass

Co-Coach: Brandon Rowell

Co-Coach: Robert Tew 


We are currently looking for 9th grade travel basketball players.  We plan to compete in statewide basketball tournaments.  Most of the tournaments that we will compete in are listed through ACA Hoops and NTBA websites.   For more information,  Please contact Kevin M. Cass  (919)-270-7737  or email:  kcass2015@yahoo.com